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Hey look the front page isn't dead, but this guy is!

Huge Victories in the Throne of Thunder!

What's that? You'll have to speak up, son. You see, were doing an awful lot of boss killing and they tend to yell a lot when they die so it makes it hard to hear you when you speak so quietly. Ah I got it I think, it sounds like you're trying to say... 



"There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them." -Bruce Lee

pla·teaue intr.v. To reach a stable level; level off: "Project Icarus of Ner'Zuhl does not plateaue"



Peace out  Jin'Rokh...


Patch 5.3 - Upgrade's Revenge!

That's right everyone, Blizzard confirms the release of Patch 5.3: Escalation for this upcoming Tuesday, May 21st!  Be prepared for an abundance of new content with changes being made to many aspects of PvE and advancements to the Mists of Pandaria storyline and legendary chain that include (but are not limited to) the following:

A warm welcome to five new raiders!


We are excited to welcome five new raiders to our roster and we look forward to killing all the things with them!

Our new members are being adopted as a group from their previous guild <For Hire> where they have all been dedicated raiders for about  4 years. Just like many guilds these days that are trying to find a balance between 10 and 25 man, <For Hire> went through stressful raid nights and low attendance streaks of their own but as many stories like this end, it was time for them to get a fresh start.

Please join us in welcoming...

Dues Fury War

Alysinn Ret Pally

Aiji (Ahhh-gee) Frost Mage

Visitire (or Vis) Destro Warlock

Vexune (or Vex) Resto…..err…balance druid.

It was their intention to stick together so that they could continue to collectively tease Vex and they are looking forward to being in a new guild, meet new friends, and kill more than Jin'rokh!

Welcome guys!


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